Owner/Instructor Leisa Hart is the driving force behind HART YOGA  PILATES & SPA, the premier Yoga studio in Frisco. Hart is best known for starring in and choreographing 18 of the famous Buns of Steel exercise DVD’s which have sold over 6 million copies. She brings her video production experience into the studio with special emphasis on subdued colors to enhance moods, self confidence and health benefits.

Leisa blends her 29 years of fitness industry experience to offer a wide variety of classes from Yoga to Pilates as well as Fitness. “Variety is the spice to life and I feel it’s key to helping us reach our goals - physically, mentally and spiritually,” says Hart. “I also firmly believe that we are all unique in mind and body and my programming reflects that. 

Hart Yoga instructors are highly trained and offer variations and modifications to service the needs of various populations, taking extra care to ensure each client gets the special attention they need to reach new heights in their journey to better health and well being.”The makers of Buns of Steel discovered Leisa Hart while competing in ESPN's Fitness America Pageant. Her dynamic performance in 14 Buns of Steel®videos has made her one of today's leading fitness experts.