Leisa Hart is best known for starring in and choreographing 18 of the top selling Buns of Steel exercise DVD’s which have sold over 6 million copies. The producers of Buns of Steel discovered Leisa while competing in ESPN's Fitness America Pageant. Her dynamic performance has made her one of today's leading fitness experts.

Her Buns paved success also incurred many obstacles, each mapping the way to the silver lining of relating to her audience on deeper levels. A hip fracture, back surgery and rheumatoid arthritis brought Leisa to low points that at times seemed insurmountable. “I felt like I was drowning but knew I would come up for air soon by visualizing myself where I needed and deserved to be,” recalls Hart.

It was those moments that brought Leisa to the development of “R4: Rise, Respect, Reflect, Renew” - an inspirational wellness approach designed to transform lives in mind, body, spirit and soul. “We all need to arm ourselves to handle lifes challenges with finesse by de-stressing and re-charging, “ says Leisa. “Im honored to be part of changing lives one breath at a time."